There are lots of exciting things happening within the Northpark family and our community, and this page is where you can keep up with all the info about what’s next!  Scroll through the updates, pictures, and videos below to get to know that heart behind where we are and where we are going.


Update | November 19, 2018

NEW website – coming soon!

We are excited to bring you a BRAND NEW website for Northpark Church at the beginning of December 2018.  Keep an eye out for the launch of the new site and get ready to share the new link with everyone you know!

Update | November 18, 2018

Announcement in Morning Worship Services

  • Beginning December 30, 2018, Northpark will hold only ONE morning worship service on Sundays
  • Service time will be at 10:00am
  • Why?
    • At mobile site, auditorium sits approx 450 people, so we will hold one service there until a regular second service is needed
    • Because we have two services now, many people do not know church family members from the service they do not typically attend. Moving to one service after Christmas helps to build relationships across the entire church family and creates excitement/momentum as we prepare to launch at our mobile site


Update | November 07, 2018

Video from First Wednesday Service 11.07.18 
Includes: Location of mobile church site, date that we we begin mobile services,
and recap of why all this is taking place



Brief Notes from First Wednesday Service 11.07.18

As you know, we have outgrown our current facility and we’ve decided to create a different model when it comes to where we gather as a church family.

Within the next two to three years, we are building a community center that will exist FOR the community, not just be IN the community. This will be where our church family will meet on a weekly basis, but it will also be so much more!

We are joining with several other partners that will share space to accomplish the same goal.

The goal is LIFE-CHANGE.


We believe that everyone should have a safe environment for sports and recreation.

We believe that everyone should have access to educational opportunities such as tutoring, ESL, after school care, day care and track out camps.

We believe that everyone should have family support and developmental resources for children with special needs.

We believe that everyone should have a place for community and friendships.

We believe that place should exist in OUR COMMUNITY and it is our dream to make it a reality.

Our search for land to build this environment continues to pull us toward the 540/401/Perry Creek Area.

Our goal is to be mobile for two years close to the area in which we hope to build.  


Let’s talk about what that means.

That has taken us to River Bend Middle School inside 5401 North.

We have developed a great partnership with the staff and faculty at that school already and look forward to the opportunities we will have to invest in the staff, families, and students of that school while we are there.

The school, much like that specific area of town is very diverse and will give us the chance to reach a lot of different types of people.

It may be a few exits further from you if you are coming down 540, however, it’s super convenient off of 540, so I believe that will help.

It’s not as visible as we would like for it to be – that is the ONE major negative – but there are so many other positives, our team feels they all outweigh that one.


Now, what if we end up purchasing land somewhere else?

The good news is we are mobile and can go anywhere.

However, based on all of the information we have at this time, this seems to be the best possible scenario.  

And they want us there.

The possibilities to partner with this school are unlimited. 

So, even if we stay at this school for a while and have to relocate, I promise you our time there will not be wasted!


[Videos and pictures of school shown on screen]


What is our timeframe?

We will launch there on Sunday, January 27, 2018. We will have a big weekend of events surrounding this exciting time.

Friday, January 25 – Worship and Prayer at current place (600 Mt Vernon Church Rd)

Saturday, January 26 – Volunteer Training at Riverbend Middle School

Sunday, January 27 – Launch Day – Service begins at 10:00am


Update | September 05, 2018

First Wednesday Service 

  • Announced that a meeting will be taking place on 9/11/18 for a board to decide on a potential land purchase for new community center
  • Mobile location not yet decided
  • Announcement of partnerships and open doors already taking place


Update | May 30, 2018

Video from Special Business Meeting (Entire church family invite to attend)
Includes: Vision Casting for present – 2020, introduction of community center concept, vote to move forward with sell of current property, and more.