The Official Checklist for Tailgate Sunday 2017

SUNDAY, OCTOBER 08  |  SERVICES @ 9:30 & 11:15am

 Lunch & Games to follow Second Service!

We know you’re packing your car already and laying out your favorite team’s jersey for Tailgate Sunday this weekend at Northpark.  You’ve been running plays in the back yard all week, flexing in front of the mirror, and searching your closet for your high school football jersey.  You’ve called everyone in your address book to invite them to join you (including Aunt Penny who lives in a retirement community in Florida) because you are just THAT excited. Now it’s time to review the checklist.

So, finish up your reminder calls to all of your guests, and cross these items off your list:



Don’t come alone! The ENTIRE purpose of this day is lift Jesus high, and to invite people to join you in doing so as we connect with God and others.



We are still having TWO services per usual – one at 9:30am and one at 11:15am. THEN lunch will kick off after service and the actual games will begin about 30 minutes after we grub.

There will be NFL combine type games for adults and kids and a little flag football to follow. We’ll also have corn hole boards, Kan Jam, inflatables, a touchdown dance competition, etc – everyone gets to join in on the fun!



Wear the jersey, shirt, or simply colors to represent your favorite real-life football team!



Our awesome grillmasters at NP will be providing all the meat for the day! (And we are OH-SO-EXCITED!)

SO…We are asking YOU to bring enough sides, drinks, and desserts for your family and all the guests you are bringing with you, or enough to share with about 4-10 others. (And don’t forget to pack serving utensils for any dish you bring that may need it.) Think good ol’ fashion potluck … except this will be the best one you’ve ever attended!

We’ll set up all the food after service in one giant Northpark Tailgate Buffet! (NP is providing ice, utensils, plates, napkins and cups and the entree meat will be here as well – all the delicious extra stuff is up to you!)



Remember to bring along drink(s) to share as well – soda, water, tea , lemonade, and even juice boxes for the kids!



Towels, blankets and/or chairs are recommended for hanging out after service and watching the all the fun.


 We’ll see YOU on Tailgate Sunday!