It is unusual to find me speechless. Ask Zane; he will concur. I normally have an excess of words, ready to spill out to any willing ears, or even unwilling ones. I am sure at times I even tire the Good Lord. Last week, after church service, I felt a deep need to drive and do a little thinking and listening. The holidays are so precious to me with little voices, a thousand needs, messiness and excitement. Quiet, though, is hard to find. Yesterday, the Father beckoned me away. I felt a pull to drive to our upcoming new location, and that is where I found myself unable to find words.


The weeping surprised me, as I turned down that first road I was overcome with emotion. Tears streamed down my face, it felt like coming home even though I had never seen the place before. There is much construction all around that gorgeous school building and it represented so many lives that we may be able to influence for our King. I felt an anticipation building in my spirit, a desire to be there. I wanted more than anything to run into that building and touch those walls, walk those halls; it felt sacred. Our church, our people – we are under construction as well as we stretch and mold into a new location and a new look. We are being called to something amazing!


For my quiet time today, I read a devotion titled, “It’s Not Supposed to be This Way.” Lisa TerKeurst stated, “We want to live in peace, contentment and constants here on this earth. Yet, in reality we live in between two gardens – the garden of Eden and the perfect garden our Father is preparing for us. He told us in the middle, there will be trouble, yet somehow we still seek perfection here in the journey.” Despite the beautiful moments yesterday, as I sat on that road openingly sobbing, I know there will inevitably be some struggles, pain, suffering, and heartache along the way with this move. BUT…there will also be so much to celebrate, and we will be victorious throughout it because we are walking in the light our Lord has prepared for us to follow!


We are family and I want to hear from my family. The Israelites passed on the stories of their pilgrimage and encouraged each other when the road seemed impassable. We must do the same. Please contact me if you have a story to share! This blog will be our safe place to gather and be encouraged, fall on our knees in prayer together, or simply sit quietly weeping tears of joy and sorrow. Our Father loves each of us more deeply than we can fathom. Do not make your journey alone!


“Therefore encourage one another and build each other up, just as in fact you are doing.”
– 1 Thessalonians 5:11



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NC Youth Alliance 2018

One of my favorite weeks out of the year is our annual Youth Alliance School Assembly Tour.  For years, we have been in partnership with the Youth Alliance and it has opened countless doors of opportunity to speak into thousands of students across Wake County and Eastern North Carolina.


This year we are pleased to have Reggie Dabbs, the number one motivational speaker in the nation for public schools. We also have former NFL running back, Willie Green!   We will be in more than 25 different schools in five different school systems.


The most important outcome of this tour may not be what happens in each school assembly.  What happens following each assembly is why we continue to partner with schools. We have prayed for God to give us the influence to pastor our city and our school system is a big part of that process.  

I get so pumped thinking about the incredible potential of demonstrating love in a tangible way to thousands of students, teachers, and staff during this tour.   God is giving us favor and influence in our state and I’m thankful for this strategic partnership with The Youth Alliance and the school systems in North Carolina.  

For more information about the Youth Alliance, check out the videos below or check out http://ncyouthalliance.com.




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