We say this all the time at Northpark and we believe it.  We want to worship with you on the weekend, but we know that growing in your relationship with Christ takes connecting with Him and others on a deeper level, and more than just once a week. That’s why all our DISCIPLESHIP OPTIONS exist!  Northpark offers large-group Bible studies for adults, small group Bible studies (Life Groups) that meet throughout the week, and also one-on-one mentoring for couples or individuals. These discipleship opportunities give people the chance to develop friendships with others, as well as encourage spiritual growth and a deeper walk with God.

You’re invited to jump in and find an option that makes you feel right at home!

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Wednesday Night Large Group
Various Teachers
Wednesdays @ 7:00pm | Northpark Campus (Main Auditorium)
Join us as we dive into God’s Word like never before! Every several weeks will bring a new study that will allow is to grow in our relationship with Him.
(Various activities & discipleship offered on-site for kids Birth-12th grade during this time)




The Life Groups at Northpark are currently active.  Go ahead and sign up for a group to be a part of below!


Living on the Edge: A Study of Romans 12
Mark & Victoria Peoples and Terry & Cathy Gouge
First & Third Sundays of Each Month | North Raleigh (Peoples & Gouge Homes)
A close look at the 12th chapter of Romans and what it teaches us about being a genuine follower of Christ.

The Anatomy of a Disciple
Jonathan & Ashley Tomaszewski and Craig & Leane Cahoon
Every other Sunday @ 6:00pm | North Raleigh (Cahoon Home)
Your relationship with Christ doesn’t end with accepting Him into your life; it begins there. And it is meant to move you, guide you and lead you throughout your entire life, in every area, until God completes the work in you that He started. He didn’t leave you here to figure it out on your own. He is here with you every moment, and He has provided a picture of complete maturity in the life of His Son, Jesus Christ. Join us as we study “The Anatomy of a Disciple” by Rick Taylor.
(Childcare provided on-site)

Trifecta Tuesday
Zane & Sherrie Smitley and Jeff & McGavock Edwards
Every other Tuesday @ 6:30pm | North Raleigh (Edwards Home)
Sharing a meal, sharing the Word and sharing life is what Trifecta Tuesday is all about. Our studies change about every 4-6 weeks, but the laughs and love never do!
(Childcare option provided for kids middle school age and older)

Married Couples 
Steve & Ashley McIlwain and Jeff & Terri Schaffer
Wednesdays @ 7:00pm | North Raleigh, near church (McIlwain Home)
This group will be focused on strengthening and growing in our marriages as well as growing in our relationship with Christ. We want to address the challenges that many couples face, provide practical help and insight, encourage one another in our marriage covenants, and have fun.

The Oaks
Stephanie Nobles
Wednesdays @ 7:00pm | The Oaks Community (MidTown)
Our study topics vary every month or two, but each week we ladies dive deep into God’s Word together. Great discussion (and great food!) should be expected!
(Childcare is not provided for this group)




One-on-One Discipleship/Mentoring
We’re excited to now offer the option of one-on-one mentoring and discipleship of individuals and couples.  Growing in your relationship with God can happen in various ways, and often a personal study along with a very small group can be a great way to start. Anyone can sign up for this option, and when you do, you will be paired by the leadership team with another person or couple in the Northpark family.



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