In the Event of an Emergency..

I found a list this week of freaky facts about airplane oxygen masks, let me share.


  1. There is only enough oxygen for a few minutes, enough to enable the pilots to use their masks so they can maneuver to a safer altitude, making it easier for the passengers to breath.
  2. There is not actually any oxygen in the mask, it would be much too heavy for the aircraft to carry. Instead there is a mix of chemicals that create oxygen when burned. When you tug on the bag it begins the process (does that mean they’re burning while on my face?)
  3. The oxygen doesn’t inflate the bag but instead the passenger’s actual breathing may inflate the bag, depending on how heavy of a breather you are.


A few weeks ago, I quite unexpectedly found myself on an airplane headed for the West coast. I tried to will that plane to go as fast as possible as I half heartedly listened to the instructions given by the flight attendant. I was on the East coast and my two week old grand baby was on the West coast in the hospital, and I needed to be there ASAP. As I listened to the directions, I was struck by the similarities on the use of the oxygen mask and our instructions for life.



  • The mask serves a purpose.
  • The mask is always there hidden away until I need it.
  • I can trust that oxygen will flow to me, regardless if I can see the bag inflate
  • I must be oxygenated to think clearly and be of assistance to anyone else.
  • Subsequently, I must breath in the life giving air first, before I can save another.


We as a Christians can face some very challenging times. We can feel as if we need an oxygen mask in order to breath deeply and fully. The truth is, Jesus is the way, the truth, and the life. Oxygen provides life. He is Life! I must trust He is there, that He is working even if I cannot physically touch Him. I must fill my life up with His Word, seek His wisdom in order for me to grow spiritually and help others around me.


I arrived on the West Coast and immediately went to the hospital to hold my sweet eight-pound granddaughter and hug her mommy. I am thrilled to say she is fine and was able to come home two days later. I am so thankful, I am well aware it could have ended very differently. But, in order for me to be of any help to my family I first had to fill up my soul and believe that God is and was in control. Friends, we are traveling together, stay alert and be prepared, the enemy is seeking to deceive and distract when we least expect it, so be ready at all times. Jesus is our life’s breath for this entire journey. Don’t forget to breathe, in case of an emergency.


“The Spirit of God has made me, and the breath of the Almighty gives me life.”  – Job 33:4



SHERRIE SMITLEY | Northpark family member. Wife. Mom. Sister. Friend.