Welcome to Official Blog of Northpark Church!

As I lay in bed tonight unable to sleep, this phrase keeps running through my mind, “ tie on your sandals.” God seems to be urgently pulling me to ready myself for the upcoming journey we will embark on as a church. Our church story up to this point is rich with miraculous history and blessings. I would like to propose we stay closely knit together as we embark on this new move by sharing through the written word.

To this end, we are beginning a church blog, where we will have a designated place to share our walk together. We want to mark the struggles, victories, and progress by having a place we can meet. I am so excited to be on this wonderful quest with each of you, and I cannot wait to hear you share your wins and your battles.



Buckled in my seat, ready for takeoff, engines whirling, safety instructions droning in the background, we prepare. Soon, I find myself soaring high above cities, observing as stately, tall buildings magically transform to tiny, matchbox size play pieces. It quickly becomes hard to distinguish what I am even looking at through my tiny oval window. My perspective is changed, first by the distance and secondly by my limited view. Diminished visibility means I cannot see what is behind, ahead or on the other side. What is seen through my fixed space, is but a glimpse of a much larger and diverse view.


Northpark has essentially boarded a plane for a new destination. We each have our assigned seats and our views will differ. Some of us know where we are headed but many do not. None of us can know what adventures, joys, sorrows, obstacles and blessings will greet us on this trip. Rest assured though, no matter your seat or focus, we each will experiences wins and losses on this passage. The key to a safe landing will depend on our response to the turbulence as it arises.


If we choose to become fixated on the tiny patch we can see through our personal window, our perspective will be clouded and limited at best. Even though we each have our individual seat, complete with our gifts and assignments, we collectively make up this plane. We cannot and should not travel isolated from our seatmates. The bond that ties us together is the fact that we are a family. We want to finish this flight together – no passenger left behind. Our desire is to keep every seat occupied, filling any empty ones we began with, with new friends. Emergency exits may exist, but as always, we don’t want those doors to open while on our journey. If our love is evident to all, this plane will not only safely land, but as it approaches the runway, there will be some who have gone before us and prepared the way by lighting the airstrip for us, so we guided safely to our destination.


This is sure to be one incredible adventure and I can’t wait to see all God does along the way.


Romans 12:4-5 “For as in one body we have many members, and the members do not all have the same function, so we, though many, are one body in Christ, and individually members one of another.”


Sherrie Smitley | Follower of Jesus. Wife. Mom. Friend.